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. good morning. 6:00 in the bay area wet start thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. let's find out where the rain is now. live doppler 7 hd showing the best radar returns in the eastern sections of contra costa county, highway 4, pittsburg, antioch, oakley, brentwood, heading back towards the tri-valley and as we slide through the sunol grade it becomes less along the east bay shore from -- hayward to union city, fremont, milpitas, higher elevations to the east alum rock greens is light rain blues mainly a little drizzle as we head to where 101 and 87
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come together in the southern sections of san jose. definite drying trend best radar trends away from us, that means we are going to have a little sunshine this afternoon once we get through the morning commute. near 60 along the coast, 70 for the rest of us. minor delays at bay bridge toll, mostly for cash paying folks into san francisco live shot, a lot of folks after the big raeurd sleeping in a little this morning. traffic relatively light for in hour, san jose 280 northbound moving nicely towards cupertino you can barely see 17 overcrossing out of santa cruz mountains, southbound at idyllwild stall of right lane, san rafael nice southbound past the civic center no problems, drive times out right now, out of the central valley a grind 580 west highway 4 just about 20 minutes into concord, 80 east
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shore freeway commute into the macarthur maze. free help available to people today having trouble paying their mortgage. terry mcsweeney is in san jose live where the event gets underway today. >> reporter: it is absolutely free. you can save a lot of money other than that i don't know what else you need to hear if you've got a mortgage that you can afford or if you have lost your house to foreclosure. let me show you the people here at the san jose convention center lined up for this 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. event today through monday look at video of events gone by. i was at the cow palace a number of times covering these events put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or naca. 30,000 turned out at the cow palace a couple years ago. perhaps you can call it the height of the foreclosure crisis. they are offering new home buyers, 3 1/2%, you can
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possibly get lower interest than that. come down here naca has contracts with major banks, major lenders and these people look you in the eye, look at your documents and come up with a better way to do it. if you have a no interest loan or a loan that balloons extraordinarily, this is the place you want to come to and see if you can't stay in your home. joining me live is rick herrera with naca, this is a new part of your offerings, if someone has lost their home already, lost their home, you might be able to get it back? >> that's right not only are we helping folks who have unaffordable mortgages but also an independent forever closure review working with federal regulators to make sure if your property was illegally foreclosed on naca can help with getting your homeéf"( back orem did up to $125,000. >> reporter: -- have you don't
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this? >> we've done this. this is another part of our event that we'll have -- we'll be offering. >> reporter: briefly what should people come down here with today? >> come prepared to walk out here -- go to our website, proof of income, last two years of taxes most important. visit our website and they will give you a list of the required documents. >> reporter: it is call the american dream tour, -- it is called the american dream tour. more than have who come to these gatherings walk away with a better deal saving maybe more than $1,000 per month on their loan. today through monday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning oakland police say an attempted robbery may have led to the shooting death of a man in a cell phone store last night. detectives say a man was shot
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at the metropc store at the 9200 block of international boulevard the victim's identity has not been released. teenager accused of stealing a tv celebrity chef's lamborghini and shooting at two people set to face rean lanement today. a judge ruled there is enough -- evidence against max wade and ordered him to tan trial on various charges. police say he stole chef fieri's car so he could impress a girl after she rejected him he's accused of shooting at a car in mill valley with the girl and her boyfriend inside. restaurants must now use compostable or recycleable food service ware.
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businesses that don't comply will be given one warning before receiving escalating fines of $150 to $600 per violation. officials say they adopted the ordinance last year to protect the natural environment. cleanup efforts continue across the east coast following devastation from superstorm sandy. in new york city, look at this, commuters trying to pack that bus trying to get on last night because it is so hard to get around and so few options. today some subway lines have been restored after getting flooded out. governor cuomo has declared a transit state of emergency. all transit fares will be waived through tomorrow. drivers won't be allowed into the city with less than three people, in their car. stay with abc7 morning news coming up katie marzullo will have much more on the storm's aftermath. to help people affected by superstorm sandy you can text
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the words red cross to 9099 to donate $10 or call go to 1-800-redcross. traffic and weather together, next. >> live look outside now. [ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ]
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welcome back. some of the rain totals on
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live doppler almost an inch santa rosa, half inch novato, third of an inch san francisco, quarter inch palo alto, a 10th in san jose. here's a look at radar returns most impressive east bay valleys through the santa cruz mountains into the santa clara valley light rain through 9:00, skies open up for sunshine stray shower near 70 around the bay, 60 coast, warmer and brighter this weekend. flooding northbound 101 in cortamadera this happens with even a little rain, at cortamadera creek it comes on to the freeway be forewarned that is northbound. grind out of the central valley slow from tracy up to the altamont pass from there to the dublin pleasanton interchange, 32 minutes out of tracy add another 15 minutes on to that drive. a stall out of lanes southbound 880 at tennison in the fremont area.
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6:10. costco says more customers shopped at its stores in october. the chain says sales jumped 7% last month, part of the reason, more people flocked to costco hoping to save a few cents on gasoline. costco plans on opening 10 new stores across the country by the end of the year. cell phone reception still spotty across the east coast due to superstorm sandy. two carriers are teaming up to improve service in new york people without power crowded around the power strip to charge their phones. now, at&t and t-mobile will share networks customers will be able to connect with which ever has the strongest signal. november 1st, do you know what this means? >> what? >> it means illegal woodburning is getting more expensive starting today. we'll tell you about that.
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[ inaudible ] we were -- you guys never gave up, never. i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys
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welcome back. 6:15 this is live doppler still showing wet weather through the east bay and now most of it into the santa clara valley and heading south into the santa cruz mountains and monterey bay if you are heading those ways steadier rain. oakland, north bay lingering drizzle going to keep streets slick through the morning. -- through the morning commute. product packageing can be a source of frustration for a
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lot of people. michael finney shows the worst offenders and how companies responded when contacted by consumer reports. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports gets a bunch of complaints and owl sorts of packaging problems, -- some hard to open, others have too much packaging. opening a box of cereal shouldn't cause an explosion, that's one of many packaging gotchas! >> we get hundreds of letters, cards, e-mails, posts on our facebook pages from disgruntled consumers who are fed up with lousy packaging. >> reporter: number one, oysters the hard to open packages. several >> -- >> several complained about the no-touch system from lysol. >> reporter:
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[ unintelligible ] >> ties on the back going through her head. still stuck. >> reporter: another gotcha, downsizing. cans are same size one is 11 ounces the other 10. the company says slightly reduced product volume improves function. ivory soap used to weigh 4 1/2 ounces now just four. >> they are keeping the price the same giving you less for your money that amounts to price increase if you ask me. >> reporter: this container of shells and keys, once done making it, look at how little food is actually inside. check out how little is inside this box of nice apricots. >> companies 130 billion
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dollars a year on product packaging 7% of the cost is in the packaging it is coming out manufacturers pockets and sears' pockets. >> reporter: lysol says -- scissors should be enough to open its soap dispenser. mattel had no comment. kraft says it leaves room for water. ivory says its half ounce reduction is due to increased producing cost and nice april yot -- apricot said it will evaluate its product. 6:17. spare the air season officially begins today with tougher penalties. bay air air quality management district has higher fines for people who burn wood during spare the air alerts. first time vie lay fors -- >> i lay fors $-- second time
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offenders will receive a $500 ticket up from $400 last year. do you think a lot of first offenders will be taking that test? >> sure. >> like taking the driving test, traffic school. watch out for that. chilly tonight cooler than it is now. if you are thinking about having one of those fires it is not a spare the air night. embarcadero center, clouds are lifting a little they were lower to the ground when they had more moisture in them when it was a steady rain in is -- in san francisco, now just misty. what is the protocol for that? how long do we keep 'em orange? we can celebrate the world series until spring training maybe. we are -- 100 miles north to
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south, it extents if the coast to the mountains, -- it extends if the coast to the mountains. >> up in the hills, up in the foothills into the mountains, snow at highest peaks all passes are liquid sue says you do not need chains. upper 50s to near 60 around the monterey bay mild start even with the wet weather during the morning commute, partly sunny this afternoon, stray shower possible partly cloudy little fog will form tonight bright and warm weather for the weekend. cold front we talked with about this yesterday, chunk of energy was going to head north look how much farther east the cold front went. it slowed as it climbed through our elevation changes high pressure to the south and east helped hold it up.
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that's why we have that steady rain through 7:00 in the south bay, out of the bay area by 11:00, noon you can see the clouds breaking out from north to south stray shower possible into the around hours most of us don't feed to worry about it. -- don't need to worry about it. [ unintelligible ] warm air will buy high clouds tomorrow, dry air comes in for saturday and sunday, monday well below average towards saturday, we set our clocks back an hour and check batteries. good morning. little busier, still with wet roads live look at the golden gate bridge traffic flowing southbound nicely headlights towards the toll out of marin. bay bridge, metering lights on traffic backed beyond overcrossing into san francisco, no problems
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upper deck past metering lights. santa cruz mountains southbound 17 at idyllwild, stall blocking right lane. mass transit great alternative this morning. bart will be less crowded today they had record ridership yesterday with the parade many great way to get around. let's look the our abc 7 waze app, one of the tougher commutes this morning out of the central valley westbound 580 slow and go up and over the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area. if you would like to navigate around download this app, it is free, available on the app store and google play. still ahead, t-shirt that got a lot of attention at the giants' victory celebration. also, suspected drug smugglers who didn't let a border fence stop them from trying to make a crossing. first highlights from the giants' victory celebration.
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good news for most of the bay area steadier, heavier moving into the eastern sections of contra costa, alameda, santa clara, santa cruz mountains and monterey bay going to continue to slide south and east away trust. rain and mountain snow northeast all airports open there warm weather around dallas, 50s around seattle and portland, flight arrival delays just announced into sfo, nearly 70 minutes. the sun will come out tomorrow. today on katie one of the most be loved musicals of all time annie is back. katie sits down with the new broadway cast. katie at 3 p.m. right here on abc7 >>. i would bet my bottom dollar on that. this morning the t-shirt worn by sergio romo during the parade is still getting lots of attention.
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a message on the front read: "i just look illegal." the 29-year-old is an american, born of mexican immigrants raised in a small southern california city near the border. he celebrated the bay area's diversity in his speech saying, if there is one thing i can say about this team is we are a great example of this city. >> the diversity of this city. new video shows abandon jeep on top of a 14 foot border fence this happened tuesday year yuma, arizona border agents suspect smugglers tried to use the ramps, they tried to free the jeep but ran when agents approached. agents didn't find anything in the jeep it is believed they ran off with whatever drugs may have been inside. violence mars multiple halloween celebrations in southern california. late night shooting outside a
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well-known hollywood landmark. plus, violence hitting a college campus. crosswalk crash in the north bay. two little trick-or-treaters to the hospital after getting hit by a car. >> reporter: it is wet out here. we'll show you the weather conditions in the bay area, coming up, next.
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good morning. ly look outside this is downtown oakland you can see traffic zipping along. there's a new problem on the stall on the bay bridge on the incline section that sue is tracking that could bring problems. a lot going on. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze i'm eric thomas. live doppler busy tracking the rain.
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>> good morning. radar return from castro valley up crow canyon into san ramon up through alamo heading towards diablo better returns near oakland, brentwood, basco, livermore, tesla, altamont pass those are our best radar returns until you get into the higher elevations to the east of san jose and alum rock many new storms we've been tracking these we talked about they were going to move into the south bay and dissipate they are still around 17 in los gatos. san jose santa clara more wet weather before the morning commute is up. much drier in other areas we'll still have drizzle through 9:00. partly sunny, 60 coast, near 70 bay and inlane. -- san rafael starting to get busy slow out of novato
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that's a live shot tail lights southbound past civic center towards lincoln and central san rafael at the limit, getting busier. bay bridge stall center lane you can see traffic metering lights lights -- carpool lanes and fastrak getting by without delay expect delays at the bay bridge toll major problems from earlier on westbound 580 now westbound hacienda earlier accident cleared off-ramp blocked temporarily. expect delays westbound 580 out of the central valley. 6:31. we continue our coverage of the storm with amy hollyfieldly in fremont where divers are having to cope with -- cope with wet roads. >> reporter: it is wet out here. it has eased up a bit it did
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rain throughout the night it was a slow and steady rain not a blinding one don't cancel plans this morning, do grab your rain jacket or umbrella. chp did see a lot of calls overnight about standing water on the roads and spinnouts, be aware of thats you ahead out. those spots can suprise you. don't forget your umbrella or your jacket. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new from los angeles, gunfire erupted at a packed halloween party at the university of southern california, wounding four. two men under arrest. police say an argument between the men escalated when one pulled out a gun and began shooting. critically injuring the other. three bystanders also shot, their injuries are nonlife-threatening. none of the people involved are students. in hollywood, three people were shot during a halloween celebration near hollywood boulevard and highland avenue, three men were taken away in
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cuffs. 17-year-old in critical condition the other two victims are going to be okay. back in the bay area, 4-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy are recovering after they were hit by a car in a crosswalk while trick-or-treating. it happened last night in santa rosa in the middle of the rain. police say adults with the children who tried to stop them from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of the car could not, driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with the police. signs of life on the east coast some are getting power back others able to get around. katie marzullo with the latest. >> reporter: some good news crossing twitter just now all of manhattan is expected to have power restored by tomorrow or saturday according to bloomberg news. right now six million still in the dark on the east coast. transportation moving slowly take a look at this video just
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in, massive lines of people wrapped around barclay center in brooklyn all waiting to get on bus. also, laguardia airport reopened with limited flights. subways and ferries resuming with limit service. the governor has authorized all fees and fares to be waived for public transportation. new jersey cannot catch a break natural gas fires are in some places, gaslines are broken and hissing all over the jersey shore. >> you hear the open gaslines going. just scared to death. >> reporter: the superstorm has killed at least 74 people two little boys, brothers missing in new york swept away by flood areas 10,000 national guard are in 13 states. department of homeland secretary napolitano will tour
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some of the disaster areas today. she said superstorm sandy could be among the most expensive in united states history. there's controversy over the new york marathon which is supposed to take place this sunday. mayor bloomberg and organizers say the race will go on. critics say no way they are going to let that happen. we'll have to see. katie marzullo, abc7 news. live pictures this is air force one that you are looking at, joint base andrews where president obama will be boarding that plane to get back on the campaign trail hitting nevada, wisconsin and colorado. this after he took time off the trail yesterday in order to assess damage from hurricane sandy. yesterday he toured a really hard hit state of new jersey, met with the governor there he promised that he will not forg(niqs the people and try to help them for a speedy return to normalcy. >> a truce of sorts between the obama and romney campaigns
6:36 am
during sandy's fury. now back to the last run until tuesday's election. >> traffic and weather together, next. you are looking at downtown san francisco where some of the buildings are still rimmed with orange from the giants. [ unintelligible ] we have rain out there tapering off. [ unintelligible ] also the giants victory celebration that came to a halt kind of. manager bruce bochy's convertible. you see people helping. more on this coming up.
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welcome back. low clouds over san francisco this morning. east bay valleys around crow canyon to the west of san ramon one of our better radar returns through the heart of danville to the eastern sections of alamo on top of mount diablo watching rain around boulder creek and ben lomond this is going to continue to push into the santa clara valley or south bay and weaken as it descends into the valleys. sprinkles there. sprinkles through 9:00, partly
6:39 am
sunny this afternoon, 70 coast, 70 around the bay and inland, 60 coast, much warmer, much brighter tomorrow through the weekend. back to the bay bridge. had a stall past the metering lights from the incline section center divide you can see traffic lightheaded on the incline towards the tunnel must have got that stall out of there. metering lights on backed to the west grand overcrossing behind the toll. continued rough commute westbound 580 at least 40 minutes from tracy from the altamont into dublin pleasanton a little over 30 minutes. off-ramp hacienda block they are clearing. eastbound 80 fairfield airbase parkway a car in the center divide. bart says it set a new ridership record for the giants victory celebration, more than 553,000 exits as of 10 p.m. last night final tally to be released today, 30,000 more than the previous record
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of 522,000 set two years ago during the last gaza strips parade. muni says the system carried quarter million yesterday more nan a 50% increase over a normal -- more than a 50% increase over a normal day >> new images of arsonists caught on video torching a muni bus. police released this video showing the men who started the fire at third and market you can see a man throwing a flappable object at the bus a second man adds more flames to the fire it is going to cost the city a million dollars to replace that bus. memorable moment during the giants parade came at the spence of san francisco giants' -- at the expense of san francisco giants' manager bruce bochy. their car ran out of gas stalled along the parade route and had to be pushed all the
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way to the civic center plaza. a long distance. good thing we never ran out of gas during the playoffs, the players never did. >> you are right, great analogy. ahead, trading is underway on wall street we check in with jane king, live at the new york stock exchange. >> governor brown continues to push prop 30. new poll showing where the tax hurt stands and us, r
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welcome back. still tracking our rain i am good morning still have east bay valleys, santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains now monterey bay
6:44 am
starting to get into more steady rain through about 9:00. east or south expect it to be wet today. it is going to start to dissipate late during the afternoon, 73 fresno, scattered showers in the sierra. upper 60s around element a, san diego. palm springs 87°. let's check in with that southern california boy and find out what is going on. >> one who is currently living in new york, josh elliot. happy to hear you are getting some of your trains back. yeah. i would take the coastal fog in southern california right now and not look back, not think twice about it. great to be with you. everybody in the bay area, you are right that is a great piece of news we have today limited subway service in the city, back up and running, shocking when you think 50 miles of tracks were damaged,
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flooded out, as hurricane sandy struck. we will be continuing our coverage and yours of the aftermath of this destructive and deadly storm. we will be live from the hardest hit areas. you see pictures there, still hard to believe, sam was able to join a helicopter that took him on a tour of some of those hard hit areas you are seeing some of the inimagine he brought back. people face a menacing threat, natural gas leaks that could their homes fun in flames at any moment. also folks guy a chance to spend time with this lower manhattan last night as the sun set and half of this island was plunged into darkness for a third straight night face possibility of two or three weeks or more without power full coverage with pow people are coping. also other news for you on the west coast, we brought you earlier this week the story of
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the shark attack off the coast of san barbara we are going to speak to a woman who was attacked in hawaii and fought back she is a tae qwan do blackbelt, fascinating story how she managed to escape. also live in nashville, they are prepping for the cma awards that you can see here later tonight we'll have a special performance by reba. also giving away awards lots to get to on "good morning america" in a bit. new this morning, public support for governor brown's tax measure below 50%. new poll jut out shows prop 30 has 48% support. 38% are opposed the director of the poll says there appears to be enough undecided to swing prop 30 to victory on election day. brown will speak in san francisco today.
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josh just told us the transit system is slowly returning to normal, so is wall street after superstorm san jane king joining us live from the new york stock exchange. -- good morning. another day here on back-up power and things appear to be going smoothly here so far. i did see a couple of stoplights on the way in that were working, that was different than yesterday. even a couple of businesses had light. things are improving slowly. baby steps. 1u power company here new york says all of manhattan will have power by saturday we are making progress, although the train system continues to be an issue. bunch of economic data out this morning. markets responding. better than expected report on u.s. jobs, weekly numbers we get every thursday, applications for first-time jobless benefits fell more than expected last week i am dow is up about 83 points,
6:48 am
strong start. s&p and nasdaq in the green. bloomberg index also higher. the fatal superstorm sandy may hurt . economic output this quarter but could be good for starbucks one of the places with free wifi where people have flocked for its stores that were open. starbucks one of the food chains that may see boost in sales from consumers looking for places to get a meal. after an initial hit of having to close stores changes will get a boost if people aren't out of food or they want to go out. we are hearing from some of our producers there are insanely long lines at starbucks as people trying to get that free wifi. one executive told us alcohol sales are up, speaking of which, some of you may be feeling a little hungover this morning, the period around
6:49 am
halloween is second only to the super bowl for alcohol sales in the up is. more adults have been choosing halloween as an occasion to party. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> there's the information to stow away. >> i think i went to the wrong party, we just had candy. >> one house around the corner from us they always have a been fire in the frontyard and they pass out -- [ unintelligible ] >> is that legal a bonfire? >> a little fire pit. you want a little fire tonight it is going to get chilly. absolutely. even though spare the air season stars, tonight is not one many spare the air season starting today through february. we'll let you know how it goes. right now we are more worried about the cloud cover, flight arrival delays into sfo nearly 80 minutes from emeryville towards san francisco, live
6:50 am
doppler, 86/100 in santa rosa, we talked about a third of an inch around san francisco, forecast panning out towards dublin 10th of an inch in san jose, still getting light rain now, looks like you could add to that total, moffitt field not that far away has had a third of an inch which gives you an idea how sporadic the rain is become down to the south bay, having a hard time climbing up and obvious the santa cruz mountains once it descends into the santa clara valley it stabilizes the atmosphere that's why you see the shortcut off of 87 to -- of rain to no rain. wet anywhere through the commutement whether it is
6:51 am
drizzle or steadier rain in the east bay and south bay, partly sunny during the afternoon, partly cloudy, fog tonight, bright and warm for the weekend. cold front stalled as we talked about it would as most of the energy was moving north. bulge to the east cold front slow movement through our neighborhood through the next couple of hours by 9:00 most of the steady ran in the monterey bay 10:00 again. noon don't worry about the wet weather gear during the afternoon we could have a stray really stray shower many let's talk about any rain that falls out of this system as it exits the bay area will leave a 10th of an inch. warm air will return tomorrow that will create high clouds and sunshine. dry air takes over saturday through monday, well above average everywhere and then monday or tuesday and wednesday cooling friend no reason not to stay home or no reason to stay home tuesday for the election within more
6:52 am
thing, saturday night set -- one more thing, saturday night set the clocks back. live shot of san mateo bridge drive from pardon me hayward towards foster city and san mateo getting busy tail lights westbound starting at the flat section over the highrise into san mateo. san jose north 85 at 280 car in the center he vied. north 880 before thornton, -- accident reported there as well. if you are headed out, you might want to check your traffic app, waze app, 580 westbound ought of the -- out of the central valley bumper-to-bumper up and over the altamont pass into livermore where there was an earlier problem. at least an hour drive from 205 into the dublin-pleasanton interchange wet westbound. free app on the app store and
6:53 am
google play. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> first another one of our favorite moments from the giants victory celebration. we went to cincinnati, they weren't as loud as you. we went to st. louis, they weren't as loud as you. frankly, detroits' fans weren't even as close to as loud as you. that's why we
6:54 am
live look at san francisco after the biggest part of the rain has again through mike is keeping track [ inaudible ] here are five things to know before you go: number one, bay area commuters contending with wet roads. traffic slow on some routes. wet weather makes for a tough commute. be careful out there >> number two, commuters on
6:55 am
the move in new york for the first time since sandy shutdown public transportation. new video shows huge lines of people wrapped around the barclay center in brooklyn waiting to get on buses. >> number three, san francisco police hope the public can help them fan the arsonists who torched a muni bus following the world series clincher. new video shows two men throwing burning objects into the bus. the mayor says it will cost a million dollars to replace. >> number four, bart set a new record yesterday when one million fans packed downtown is -- san francisco. bart recorded more than 553,000 exits as of 10 last night. >> number five, thousands of bay area homeowners who are struggling with mortgages request get free help today in san jose. part of naca's american dream tour. counselors and bank
6:56 am
representatives will be on hand at the san jose convention center through monday. final check on the forecast >> good news, radar returnses from live doppler moving into the central -- valley from brentwood and altamont towards stockton and tracy coming from that way it is going to be wet. a few sprinkles even drizzle around dumbarton bridge to 237 in the south bay and it looks like the bulk of the rain is going to fall in the higher elevations around santa clara valley and monterey bay. back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on earlier stall westbound on incline cleared. heavy here once you get past the metering lights speeds pick up a little, at least moving into san francisco sluggish as it may be. san rafael southbound bumper-to-bumper with tail lights there past the civic center into lincoln and central san rafael, no major problem there. in san jose north 85 at 280
6:57 am
car in the center divide slow traffic there. wet roads as well. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. we continue in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> we are always on at visit there for links to some of the stories we've been talking about in morning. stay dry and have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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